Monday, April 30, 2018

Mason East MSW Landfill - Initial Permit Application Submittal

The documents presented in the following posts are the initial submittal documents for the Proposed Mason East Type I and Type IV Municipal Solid Waste Landfill.

The following six documents are the complete permit application:
1. Master Table of Contents
2. Part I of the Application
3. Part II of the Application
4. Part III - Site Development Plan
5. Part IV - Site Operating Plan
6. TCEQ Type I Landfill Application Checklist

The documents for initial submittal are dated March 27, 2018.

On each of the following posts, the documents may be downloaded in PDF format from the links provided through Dropbox.

Any inquiries regarding this project should be directed to the Project Engineer:
Daniel Hinckley, P.E.
The best method of contact is through the email: blueoakeng (at) gmail

Inquiries may also be directed to the City of Mason (through City Administrator, John Palacio)

Other contact information is contained in the permit application Part I.